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I am sleeping with this guy and I have a huge crush on him, but don't think he'll ever date me though..he's 24 im 18..everytime we hav sex I just eish he would cuddle and lrt,me,satay for a while,but he's taking me home right away...what should I do?/:

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  • I will just tell you the awful truth here, you are his sex toy. If you want something else, he won't give it to you, go find someone who appreciates you. If you think he is special, ask him if he would be your boyfriend (spoiler alert : you will soon find out that he has one, maybe 2 or more) sorry, but I wish more guys understand that they shouldn't play with a woman's emotions.

  • ✌✌✌✌-People are really stupid, you sleep with person who even doesn't love you? Gtfo then!

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