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This might sound messed up, I really really really love my boyfriend, I mean I would go crazy without him, he's crazy about me too. The sex is amazing too. The only thing is, I cringe whenever I see him naked, he's not fat, but he's not fit either, almost like an old man's body. I'm really fit , skinny and toned. Whenever he's naked, I try not to look away or not show it on my face that I don't like what I see. That's okay, start bashing at me, calling me a shallow bitch. I'm never breaking up with him, he's my everything, my one and only love.

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  • i am fit and go to the gym, my boyfriend lives fatty food and doesnt exercise. sound the same as yours haha. but instead of fweling repulsed i stoped thinking myself better and more as equals. you love him more than anything? learn to love all of him.

  • When u go to gym...brought him with u

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