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I think that suicide is the rage quit of life...someone always has it worse, and if you're going to commit suicide while there are people out there living on the streets who would love to have your life, then I have absolutely no respect for you.

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  • You sound exactly like someone who has zero empathy. If you don`t understand what someone is going through, try walking a mile in their shoes and then see if you`re still judgemental. Some people become so trapped in their problems they can`t even imagine the situation getting better. And in situations like that, suicide seems like the only way out. It`s not about respect (respect should never be given "by default") it`s about understanding what goes on in the brain of a suicidal person. Moreover, you should stop comparing to others. I wouldn`t blame a person who comitted suicide just because others live on the streets because there`s absolutely no link between the situations. Like eating everything on your plate because there are starving children in Africa. Well, excuse me, but me eating everything won`t feed them. Let`s adress the problem where it exists. And the problem is that suicidal people need help. They don`t need your respect, they need help.

  • I agree with you, but I'm still going to shoot myself once I spare enough money for a gun.

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