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I'm a 17-year old male, raised by women, supported by women, and I couldn't be any more thankful! I have mad respect for women as a 'feminist' and I honestly wouldn't have it any other way; though because of this it seems I can relate to my friends(with the majority of them being girls) on a personal level which has only proven to put me down in my love life. Resulting in me losing many friends in the long run. I've always sought to withhold my perspectives of women, trying my hardest to avoid any situations demeaning to their cause. However with such little interactions providing unconditional love directly I can't help but feel so very self-conscious... No ones ever taken personal interest in me and the ones have have only sought to use my kind-hearted personality. I've had my first kiss stolen from me though however I shall never consent to giving up my virginity as I wish to preserve myself for that one special person... Even so I feel like such wasted space, a piece of filth because within this extensive period of loneliness in my life I've been driven to watching Porn for a sense of pleasure(which is incredibly demeaning to women!). I feel as if with each experience that passes that I am turned down for my feelings my mind sways more and more from my humanity. As if I may go off in public just because I have set this example of erotic pleasure for myself, and it honestly frightens me to even consider that possibility! All I ever wanted was to be loved and adored by others, and now... I feel as if I just may hurt someone by leaving my home.

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  • You are an amazing person 😸

  • First of all dude. Stop acting so damned repressed. Secondly you need to realize the difference between females and bitches. And the moment you remove women from the pedestal you've used to separate them from men is the moment you'll be able to treat people as equals regardless of gender. As for porn demeaning women, the average starlet makes double what a male star makes.

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