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I'm so pissed of. when I'm in holiday and spend my day in my grandparents home, they will look down on me because I'm not the experts of household thing. they think I know nothing about it! look at how suprises them when they know I'm washing dishes and said "are you sure you can do it?" "you did it all alone?" like they are not sure about my ability. COME ON, IT JUST DISHES. and I'm always help on it every year I spend my days in grandparents house! you looked down on me, how can I ready to learn cook and something else?! because you always believe that I cant! and you want me to learn? thanks. holy shit. maybe I'll hate marriage because of this.

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  • Let them know it makes u feel this way, or just ignore them. U know what u can do. It's not fair that they look down on u but maybe they don't know how much it pisses u off u know?

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