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I was called MC Poopy Pants on FB after saying my new name was Ugly McNoselfie.. I decided they needed a poem since my friends are so funny... . I am not really sure who MC Poopy Pants is because I haven't shit my Pampers since the day they named me Francis. But that's O.K, I will chuckle anyway as I flip you both the bird and go about my day. Ah ... What the hell Since we're all here and I have no fears I'll tell you 'bout the dream I have pissing the bed ~my older years. Fair warning , this may be twisted and a little sick I am back in the school bathroom Holding my pint sized joystick I decide to turn the TP into Frank's version of papier-mâché So that anyone who takes a shit Is gonna have a real bad day Needless to say, God is ultimately a damn good joker As it stands four damn times my dreams involved my Super Soaker.

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  • your super soaker 6000

  • lmao didn't much understand this

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