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It hurts hearing my mom tell her kids how much she loves them, and my dad telling his kids how much he loves them. And then there's me, the only one neither wanted to keep. The first, and the only one no one wanted.

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  • Sorry you had it bad. In the future please be a better parent to your own children ( even the unplanned ones) than your parents were to you.

  • Well, my father cares more about the kids his new wife brought with her from her previous marriage. I`d rather be ignored in comparrison to my natural sister. I think it hurts more when you see your own father more concerned about some kids that share no blood with him. I took it for some years, but this year I snapped. He called me and told me I had to buy presents for their birthdays. For my birthday, I just got a text from him saying "Happy Birthday". It wasn`t about the presents, I don`t need anything. It was about the different treatment. He made me buy presents for them, and he didn`t even get me something symbolic. It`s tough for a child, no matter the age, to take this lightly.

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