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I was so overconfident in my intelligence that I thought that it would would save me for my 'O' Levels (GCSE equivalent). When the results were released, I was shocked that I had done well for my humanities and languages, but my sciences and math were horrendous, both scoring two grades below the passing grade. Naturally, I had no option but to resit for the examinations, which I am preparing for right now. As envy grew towards my friends who eere successful and abled to continue with tertiary education (junior colleges and polytechnics), I became more anxious and realised why I failed. I consider myself a bright person, having affinity for education and always up to date with politics, and whatnot. Being overconfident with myself made me lose grasp with reality. The reality that laziness took over since I thought that I was invincible. I stopped studying at home and keep losing focus in class. I became bored with class easily and started reading books that weren't related to the subject at hand. I stopped revising, thinking that I had known it all. How wrong I was. Looking back from the position I'm in right now, I know that I should have put in the effort. I know that clearly, I would have been far superior to my peers had I been focused. My confession is that I know that I was lazy, and I will do everything to change that. I confess that I want to be better than others, and that I would not be able to do that without putting in effort. Finally, I confess that I regretted being overconfident in my intelligence. I truly hope that now, as I strive to do better, I will humble myself when I face a similar challenge in the future. Tl;dr: I am a genius but overconfident. That overconfidence made me lazy. I thought that I would do well for my studies.I got dumbed down after not revising and studying, and envy others for their success. Now I know why I'm a failure. I want to do well so I'll stop being lazy by putting in effort and stop being overconfident by humbling myself. Any advice with regards to revising would be appreciated ☺

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  • That's great that u were able to come to that realization 😊, being competitive and confident is great, just don't let it get In the way of friendships. You'll regret it.

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