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I'm the girl that gives people chance after chance even though I get hurt every time. I'm the type of girl that has so much to say but won't say anything at all. I'm the type of girl that is scared to grow up and get hurt. I'm the type of girl that will love while being hurt because the only thing you can do is go at life head on. I've realised life doesn't get easier but you make it how you want it. I may get hurt but it will teach me something.

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  • I'm the exact same way, only difference is i learned to fight for myself and to speak up when I need to. You should love yourself the way you are and don't change unless YOU want to and it's only for yourself and no one else. You do learn from the many times you get hurt, but those are more emotional scars than you should have. Don't be afraid to show your strength more, if you could face everything head on you'll be prepared for anything and everything. Just speak up and push back when you need to, strength is also a key to survival.

  • if you don't change, they never will.

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