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when i was still 12 i learned to drink liquor, beer, tequila just for fun.. until the time i got depressed it became a habit and started to waste my life.. been with lots of guys..drunk till i pass out.. but what i regret most is being with lots of other guys..that didn't even love me.. i thought they would help me..but they just want something else.. i don't know how to get over it.. I'm still thinking of it almost everyday and it makes me hate myself ..i don't know what to do.. i want to kill myself right now

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  • Alcoholics Anonymous helped alot. sick with your own gender the to avoid predators.

  • GO to a phsychiatrist. The medication you recieved might be wrong. (medications have side effects. Anxiety might be one of those and you are one of the people who have that certain side effect). You could also just talk with him/her.

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