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I'm a girl.. another girl stared at my bum earlier on today at school. I would admit she was pretty. Hell she was hot. But I still don't understand why I fell for her. I'm probably bi rather than straight.. I just don't know. Later on that day, her friends that she normally talked to were talking near the locker next to mine, wondering and guessing who she liked. she gave them hints. my grey eyes, brown short hair. out of four, one turned around and glanced at me. she turned back as i stared at her, and whispered something. then they all stared intensely at me, one giggled. i left soon after that. during lunch, i went to the library to avoid the noise and accidentally bumped into her, i fell from the impact and she just randomly blushed. i realized my bra was showing from the loose sweater, i left from embarrassment bleh bleh bleh. i dont know what to do, sorry if its long. but i cant tell whether or not i should do something about her.?

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  • honey too much hetero cliche in your lesbian story

  • Just talk to her, be cool about it, you will both discover if it's just a misunderstanding or if you like each other. - Wolf

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