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I know this is endless, that i got any chance with you because i screwed things up, but i'm still in love with you, i love you like anyone would do, can't help thinking about your well being even though you don't care about mine. I never put someone's well being before mine and you did make me this! I want ou so much next to me, our quality times were the best... I miss them so much...I miss you so much... I want to cuddle you and to hold you next to me, even if i can't, thinking of you poisons me but makes me feel good deep inside. No matter what i want you to count on me when you're down, i can't hate you despite your mistakes and the way you ended our friendship.. Je t'aime d'un amour inconditionnel et insensé C, comme je n'ai jamais aimé quelqu'un.

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  • a heart felt confession. I think you should tell your friend. let him know or realize how deep your feeling is. ~from someone who care

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