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I'm 31 and not happy with a lot of the choices I've made with my life.. part of me wishes I would've stayed in school and finished what I started jist having my associates and working for the same company I've been with for almost 10 years isn't how I saw myself, don't get me wrong the pay isn't bad but I just feel like had I moved out on my own I would strive for more being here at my parents seeing how much stress they go through because they can't pay thier rent keeps me here. I help with what I can but sometimes I wish I was a little more selfish, I want my own family but at this rate I doubt it will ever happen

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  • welcome to the Shit storm we call life and guess what...it's taco Tuesday

  • 33, I also wish I have stayed and finish the university. Leave my parents house 10 years ago, love them a lit, but no regrets, living alone or with a good partner is the best thing in life

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