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My dream is to go to Disney World. It's everything ive ever wanted but since Im poor i can't go.I know I'm to old to go to Disney World and be able to act like a child and stuff(Im almost 17) but If i had the oportunity to go it would be a dream come true.To see the Disney princesses up close and Mickey and Minnie!! I didn't really have a childhood because my mom was a single mother and would spend her days at work trying to raise me and i didn't even know about Disney till i was 9 but ever since then I've fallen in love with it!!My favorite characyer of all time is Jazmine from Aladin! I just hope one day i can meet her in Disney World!!!

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  • same back story but I'm 19 and I want to go sooo badly, I don't care how old I am; this dream will become reality! and for you too!

  • I'm gonna be honest... it sucks

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