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I want my wife to tie me up & to ruin me. I want her to fuck me hard with a big ribbed thick strap on. I want her to let out all her anger & hate on my ass. I want her to whip me, punch me in the nuts, squeeze my balls as hard as she can. I want her to spit on my face, piss on me, slap me, choke me, call me slut/bitch/whore/fag/sissy or whatever else she wants to name me. I want her to make me eat her ass & pussy out. I want her to force her toes into my mouth & make me gag. I want her to make me lick the soles of her feet. I want her to force me to wank as hard as I can but not let me cum. I want her to make me have multiple ruined orgasms and when I finally do cum. I want her to laugh at me & call me worthless, then I want her to leave me in a sticky, cummy, pissy, bruised & exhausted heap. I want her to have full power of my body, mind & soul. I want her to use me as she pleases. She is my goddess.

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  • I want to do all that you wanted to my husband but he's super coward 😢

  • That is what I would call a masochist. A masochist is someone who finds pleasure from pain and all that junk u just said.

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