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I can't stop talking dirty to creepy old guys! It's like a buzz I get,I would never do anything with them or send picture but I find it funny that some creep somewhere wants to talk to a 15 year old girl and I like leading them on and pretending I like then and want to meet up.i think that because there so evil they deserve to be messed with and frustrated­čĺü

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  • i did this all the time when i was younger, it was a fun thing to do, just watch how far they would go, without med doing anything... but some times did it go really wrong(not that i meet them, but yeah...)

  • You are almost humorous. You realize that *child" at 15 is only a legal term. My boyfriend ..well ..ex boyfriend from childhood was 15 and I was 13 when we slept together. Do you think eyeballs stop working past 18? Not all older men are pervs. He definitely isn't but that doesn't mean he doesn't appreciate days passed. Same with me. I send him pictures of these kids on my FB list that look like he did back 23 years ago and he does the same to me. Do I get jealous? No. We all get older and believe it or not , you will too and I am not going to lie..when some 20 yo kid says I look like a milf .. I smile.. it isn't that he is thinking he is going to my house ...maybe he is just making me feel attractive.

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