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I'm 22 and already a college professor. I live in a part of Asia you might not know. Everyday, I feel like my life is draining out of me. It flows in every pages of my books, evaporating through the four corners of my classroom. I'm tired. I should be out there, away from everything. chasing the horizon. living my real dream.

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  • Ah... You know, we have the same problem... except I'm still very young. My mother want me to learn tourism. And I did. But what I want is to draw, write, and taking photograph. But you know, old people have old ways of thinking. They believe in firm job and they think that being an artist, will make your life uncertain. And they believe that money can make your life secure. But sir, remember. This is Your Life. You're old enough to make your own decision. But still very young to be a dreamer. Tell your parents that you just need a little time to fulfill your dream. Maybe a couple of years. If you find yourself missing your old life, you can always come back, be the old you. You must do this before you started a family. Or you will regret it for the rest of your life. And later blame on your parents. I hope this help.

  • what about save up some money. Invest them. that why you will have a stable income while can still live freely to your choice.

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