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ive a boyfriend for about 1 year. i left him, but he still waiting for me. then i delete his contact and he think that i dont love him anymore. so hes moving on. but cant lie, i still in love with him. so i ask my friend about him, but my friend said that he already has a girlfriend. and yesterday my friend ask him if he still in love w me. he said nope, he has moving. my senior ask me to be his girlfriend and i said that i havent moved on. then my ex said in his bbm personal message " i have an ex that still want me. lol" and my girl seniors laugh at me. wtf its hurts

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  • Then why the fuck did you leave him in the first place?

  • Ur ex is an asshole. U don't text sth like that -.- but girl. U left him first and deleted him. Of course he will move on ... Don't be stupid enough to think he will be there forever

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