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Ten helpful life hacks 1. If you borrow something always bring it back in the condition you received it or better. 2. Use manners everyday with everyone until you have a reason to do otherwise. 3.Optimize your time. If you are cooking something and you have time to wash a dish before needing to stir it...do it. 4.Don't discount the ugly looking, messy haired individual that looks like a bum... He/she may just be that person that sees you hold the door and offers you a job at his/her multimillion dollar organization because you treated him/her as you would everyone else. 5.Volunteer 6.Go outside. Go for a walk and unplug from the net for a while. 7."Likes" don't mean shit in real life 8.Learn to listen and listen to learn. 9. Try new things. Food, sports, friends, jobs.. Everything 10. Society owes you no trophy. If you want it go get it.

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  • Life hack 1: Learn the difference between life hacks and advice. Life hacks are a plan to do something very easy and small to get a huge and fantastic result that you would have otherwise achieved in a much more difficult way that is still more common. Little clue: My life hack wasn't a life hack either. But your advice was really pretty good. :)

  • Not sure how some of these are life hacks. this is more advice than anything. but thanks OP good share

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