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One of my best friends screwed me over. I was head over heels in love with her for years and I had finally told her. She had just broken up with her girlfriend and although she liked me back, she said that she wasn't interested in a relationship. I said that was fine. But... she lead me on. She would flirt with and of course I flirted back. She got jealous when I tried talking to other people but would get mad when I would get jealous over her. I stood by her and tried my best to make her see the beautiful person she was and comforted her when she was sad. I wasn't expecting anything back. But I wished she hadn't lead me on and continued to create false hope that something would actually happen. One day I drove all the way down from Michigan to Georgia just to be with her and to hang out. To be her friend like I had been for 8 years. What started out as us innocently hanging out turned into us sleeping together. She was the first person I had ever slept with, and I cringe knowing that I gave THAT person my viginity. And afterwards, when I was upset about it, she said that it meant NOTHING to her. She was so smug about the fact that she was my first and it disgusted me when she treated the act like it was no big deal.... After a while she ended up getting back with her girlfriend. She stopped talking to me completely and would text me back after I tried repeatedly to start things over as friends again. I cried and cried every single day, asking why I was the one who always got used when it came to relationships...Why something so unfortunate would happen to me. I think it all hurt even worse because I trusted her with everything. I wish I never came out to her about my sexuality. I wish I never admitted that I liked her. I wish none of this had ever happened so we could still be best friends. I eventually gathered myself and moved on. I also moved back down to Georgia because I missed home..... Now I'm engaged to a wonderful guy (this guy's wonderful. He spoon fed me soup one time when I was sick lol), have a stable career, have 5 beautiful fur babies with their own quirky personality, and have a house to call home. As for the so called friend who screwed me over... The same girlfriend she had gotten back together with left her. She also had to quit college because I guess she didn't have a place to live after they split. But now she lives with her grandma and works at a restaurant as a part time waitress.... I guess when you treat the people who love you like f***** shit it really comes back to bite you in the ass. It also goes to show you that Karma's a f***** bitch.

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  • So, somehow I can't reply, but it's your life... who am I to judge you... :) At least you are happy with your boyfriend :)

  • well on the good side, if none of this would have happened you would not have found out the real her... also I don't really get it... you have a boyfriend but this was a girl, so i am not judging but are you a bisexual? ... not that if that's my business, just the she thing messed my brain up :D

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