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I've recently had my first time. For me, sex was never a big deal, so it's actually quite the miracle that I was 18 (nearly 19) when I lost my virginity. Thing is, I thought it was a one night stand. She told me she was just fresh out of a 3 year relationship and didn't look for a new guy. Am I excluded because I'm a girl? Because she keeps on texting me several times a day. She's really nice, and I also like her, and I kind of think a relationship between the two of us would work, but she still said she didn't want one, and now she calls me all the time and tells me she wants to see me, and that I'm beautiful and that she really liked me from the first time we met (we only met 2 times before!), and it kind of makes me freak a bit. I like the attention, but I've never been in love, and I'm certainly not in love with her. She's a great person and we would click as a couple. But she seems to be really serious about all of her relationships, while I am ... not. I don't have that much emotional attachment. Never been in love, had one (!) relationship - duration of 1 month, and I wanted to break up for 3 weeks of it. (the guy stood me up and I wanted to do it in person, and suddenly he only invited me to family celebrations and his birthday and stuff - he was like "You'll meet my mum on mother's day", and suddenly I met his WHOLE freaking family). That one relationship was a catastrophe. I don't know if I'm capable of a serious relationship. I'm generally liked by people, but I don't even know why! She always compliments me and is so sweet to me, and although I'm normally not awkward at all, I'm totally awkward around her! At least in text, it's different when we talk. Am I just overthinking this? Does she even want a relationship? She has a few friends with benefits at the moment, because she broke up a few months ago, but she's nothing like this with them. She doesn't flirt with them, and isn't ... well, as emotional. I just don't get it. Is she serious with me? What do I do if she is? I mean, I'd like to try a relationship, but if she's really serious, I'd just hurt her, and that would be awful, because I kind of really like her. AAAARGH!!! Now I get why guys think girls are complicated. Worst thing is, when I try to explain it, it sounds even more complicated. Please, please, please help me make some sense of this situation, because I sure as hell can't.

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  • You are young, do what you feel like doing. Getting different kinds of experiences in dating will build you as a sexual person, and help you understand what you're looking for in a person. Dating is a continuous process, have a good journey! :)

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