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haven't seen her in 2 months since we graduated because she's busy. We also barely talk now and seems like we are growing distant from eachother.BUT SHE HAS TIME TO GO DRIVE 2.5HRS TO ANOTHER COUNTRY TO WATCH A 2 DAY GAME WHILE SHE DOESNT BOTHER TO REPLY MY LAST TEXT 2 DAYS AGO OR KEEP HER PROMISE OVER A WEEK AGO?!?!?! WTF!!! I THOUGHT WE WERE BEST FRIENDS!!!

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  • The first thing you have to do is get open; tell her how you feel and that you fear for your frindship. She will probably understand and try to change. But if she goes back to how it is now, then you should just stop taking the first step anymore. A friend of mine and I had the same problem, we both lost our best friend from high school only 1 year after graduation. We both figured out that they probably just needed a best friend at a point in their lives and coincidently met us. After you graduate you will know who your true friends really were. Don't be too sad, it happens to everyone and it will leave a bitter feeling when you look at photos of you together. Just try to treasure your friendship as something from the past and move on :) There will be new friends everywhere, good luck dear OP !

  • well, clearly if you thought so, the feeling is not mutual...you can't force others to do something... if she won't reply... then she won't...from now: you can not initiate talk with her... and forget her... or try to talk with her about this, maybe you can reasin with her.... or not... and you move on...you eventually find new friends...this is life...happening... best wishes.

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