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Years ago when I was kid my dad lost his job and we began to sell things, but not our house. Now I'm almost 18 and I understand just how hard it is for my parents to give their kids decent food and pay for our education and all. That's why I've always tried my best to please my parents by getting a good scores, and not asking for things. I don't even have a pocket money. I do hangout with my friends, the popular kids, but whenever we're at the mall to buy clothes and all, I won't buy any instead giving each of them an advice like what should they buy. I would tell them that I have just enough clothes for this season. And whenever I wear only shirts and jeans that I usually wear I would tell them that I was just too lazy to dress up. I told them lies, to save my family's name. I know they'd understand, but I don't want pity. And all my life I've been living to please people, that when I have the money or the chance I can't even think about what I want to do or buy. All I can think about is to use the chance or money to make my parents happy. Even if its not that much. I feel like I'm losing my own passion, it's not what I want or makes me happy. It's what my parents want and make them happy. Is this even normal?

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  • Why do u care what people think of you

  • I wish I have a son/daughter like you. but please.. stop pleasing people with lies. you can tell them your situation without them talking about you (if they're your true friends, tho) just love your family and everything will be alright.

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