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Do you disagree with my argument? Let's face facts. One, parents that lie to their kids by saying Santa Claus brings presents, the Easter Bunny hides eggs, the Tooth Fairy leaves money and Mommy and Daddy will always be their to protect you.2,That creates kids that realize their parents have demanded truth and honesty but were not truthful themselves creating a subconscious thought channel in their kids brains that lying is OK. 3,Parents that hide sex from kids have kids that hide sex from parents...they do this by sneaking around,lying about who they are going to be with and just plain hiding the fact from their parents period. You cannot have honest, responsible young adults that are treated like they are still in Pampers because they aren't 18 yet. Responsibility is taught throughout life and being honest is part of that responsibility. My dad found out I had sex at 15 the very next day because my girlfriend at the time told her mother and her mother was fucking livid. My girlfriend was 13. Do you think either of our parents knew we were up in an attic at 3am having sex? No... Do you know why? Because both sets of parents made any discussion about sexual feelings an uncomfortable topic that was taboo because of our age. But I was responsible. I stopped by the EASE building and picked up condoms. I still talk to her 23 years later and I practice everything I preach with my own children. You can't expect to have teenage pregnancy and disease decline by putting a bag on your head and pretending they won't do it if you just tell them they can't .

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  • I agree with most of what you said. Only point I disagree with is the first point, but only partially. I think it's okay to create a Tooth Fairy or a Santa for the kids' imagination. A child needs to be able to have their fantasies too, not everything has to be honest and truthful. It's okay for a child to claim to have seen a huge, friendly bear walking on the street giving people hugs, while all they've seen is a bear printed on someone's bag. That's just what a child does. Children stories, like the Tooth Fairy and Santa Claus, feed a child's imagination and are good for them. But you shouldn't go too far in it (and that's where I'm agreeing with you again) by, for example, claiming Santa Claus won't visit them if they're not being nice. Once they finally found out that there is no Santa Claus, they realise that the only reason they were being nice is not real. For the other points, I completely agree.

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