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Life must be so easier when you're a beautiful, skinny girl... :(

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  • It has its ups and downs. However, there seems to be more downs.. For example, any job I have to get done with a male, usually works out okay. Everytime I had a job with a woman, it was awful. My boyfriend talked with a female secretary once and she was all giggly about it and even gave him her phone number in case he has additional questions. When he couldn`t make it back to the secretary and sent me instead, she made me wait almost 45 minutes in front of the door. She got the job done for my boyfriend in like..10 minutes. Most women will hate a beautiful woman by default. Usually because of envy. I was bullied in school by girls, until I got to high school and turned into a bitch. I knew I was beautiful and I knew the girls were hating on me and that amused me. It amused me because their envy spoke about them and their insecurities, not about me. And I`m also a generally good person, but I hate being walked all over. So when girls were mean to me and gossiping about me, I used to seduce their boyfriends. I mean.. if you hate me for no reason, I`d better give you a reason.

  • life would be a whole lot easier for everyone if people quit judging others over petty fuckin bullshit

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