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I really need to have sex with my boyfriend but I don't have the money for the pill and he won't risk doing it just using condoms 😟

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  • I don`t know what kind of "pill" you`re talking about. The birth control pill is a pill that you take daily to prevent pregnancy. They`re fairly safe, but can cause hormonal imbalance. The morning-after pill is a pill that you take AFTER you have unprotected sex. The morning-after pill is packed with hormones, and most of them are recommended only twice a year, because of the "bomb" they are. It also has lots of side effects. DO NOT MAKE A HABIT out of the morning-after pill. This is for extreme situations only. Condoms work best. If used properly, they`re almost completely risk-free. And a good condom is enough on its own, you don`t need additional protection.

  • Buy a tube of spermicidal jelly or the dissolving film. Use it with condoms. ALWAYS double up on protection.

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