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Why can't I ever have a debate or discussion with someone mature? There are always intolerant people who resort to cussing and group bullying because apparently 1 vs 1 isn't enough to prove a point, especially in the YouTube comments, so weak lol -.- and they expect me to carry on replying. Grow up.

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  • I curse but I debate all of the time. I too am looking for someone halfway intellectual . I don't mind shutting up long enough to learn either. I will give you the name of a FB account .. find it.. Send a request and from there I will send you a request from my real account. As a tip to which one is real it lists my school as Berkeley EECS major and Beverly Hills residence. You of course aren't obligated . Coker Pepsee FB. It may take a couple of days for me to respond

  • life tip avoid yt comments

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