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I always end up heartbroken. All I did was just I gave all my love for them but they keep on hurting me.💔 Am I that unlucky?

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  • thankyou soo much:) Last, I was having a mutual feelings with this guy. hmm, we worked for 3months I think? I cant say I loved him, maybe its just a Like feelings;) after that I did not cry. I didnt mind and think about him. After weeks, I finally moved on. Im happy that I can Finally handle my feelings in just a puppy,cute little dating;)

  • Never give more than you receive. And control your emotions. Lots of women jump head-first at the first hint of an emotion. I don`t understand why they rush like that, and I`m a woman too. Keep your head cool until you`re certain it`s a sure thing. If a guy you like smiles at you, DO NOT start making scenarios where you both live happily ever after. Expectations are the root of all disappointment. Think of it as something "casual" until it`s obvious it`s not casual anymore. It`s all about control of the mind. I discovered this control early and I can say I`ve never been heartbroken. I was sad when certain relationships ended, but I wasn`t heartbroken. I didn`t cry, I didn`t eat ice-cream in front of the TV and I didn`t think my life was over. Practice control.

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