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Alright so here goes nothing. I was dating this girl and at first I didn't really like her I just thought ok she's cute why not. But then as things started progressing I actually was feeling I had fell for her but she was really clingy and while I sort of liked it idk it was kinda annoying too. I did drugs and she didn't so she got mad and I was cheating by sending pictures to other people. And I felt bad then I ended up cheating by kissing this person I have always sort of had feelings for and she found out dumped me cried called me names don't blame her. And now I'm with the person I kissed while with her but I messed up idk I have so many feelings for her but I don't want to put her through more shit plus I think she moved on it's like I moved on but I haven't. Like I really like the person I'm with but they are turning into her and I just idk what to do. I want them both. My mind is warped I want to get my shit together but idk how like I know how I guess but it's super hard. I don't even know if I love them literally I only get these strong feelings in once it's over. Like I tried to get her to dump me but when she did it hurt bad like damn. Man my emotions are messed up. I know I'll get negative feed back but oh well

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  • you should quit drugs

  • Maybe that is the effect of drugs

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