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So.. I used to have a girlfriend who, I thought was the most perfect girl in the world.. she meant everything to me. but one day, she kissed her "best friend" who was a guy (I didn't approve of their "friendship" because I felt that he would always try to get at her) I would always ask her to leave him and she would for a bit, then she would talk to him again later. I'd ask her, "do you like him?" and she would always reply "I don't think so." one day, she made out with him... thinking I wouldn't find out, but I eventually did. I eventually got her to confess to me and. she told me that she felt nothing during that "kiss". does that seem... right?

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  • In Spanish we got a slang for people like you "eres un pisado"

  • find a girl that's for you. the bitch you're with is and always did belong to her bff. you should have been more dominant. I would have beat the fuck out of him and cheated on her before dumping her

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