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I don't know what to feel but.. I am starting to hate my very close friend.. ever since she started having a relationship with her best friend's ex, and she also kissed torridly the bf of our friend. It's just that I think of her now as a b*tch, and someone I can't trust anymore, I don't want my bf to go near her!

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  • I don`t know where this rule of "don`t date the ex of friends" came from, but I think some insecure, resentful person came up with it because he/she couldn`t deal with the break-up. I`m a girl and I have absolutely no problem if a friend of mine started dating my ex. He`s my EX. Why the hell should I care who`s he dating now? Most likely I`d want to avoid him, but this doesn`t mean I`ll throw a tantrum and call a friend a "bitch" for this. How are you to put conditions on her happiness?

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