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I'm a 22 years old girl from Germany an i live now for about a year with a good friend together. After few month i discovered that i have feelings for her, but i though that it would go away. But now i feel even mor for her und i'm dreaming about us as a couple. Maybe i would tell her about my feelings, but she is in a relationship and beside that i am too frightened about her possible reaction. So it's hard to live with her and talk about everything when you have to hide your strong feelings.I didn't know what i could do, so i posted it here and for now i feel a little bit better. Oh and sorry for my english skills

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  • Du solltest wirklich auf den richtigen Moment warten. Wenn es überstürzt kommt verschreckst du sie und ich denke das willst du ja nicht und wenn der Moment da ist und es doch zum naja schlechten Fall kommt dann ist es nunmal so aber. Es gibt wirklich für jeden den passenden Partner

  • or you could just tell her tomorrow and if she reacts negatively, you'll say it's april fool

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