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i don't know if psychedelic drugs saved my life or ruined it. love phsychedelia anyway

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  • saved eh

  • I can only speak from my experience. So here is my side of my story. I was an over worked person making very little money. I was very depressed and was looking at life in a very negative aspect. It was not until I used psychedelic s that I saw my full potential and decided to turn my life around. I am now a professional and with my home payed of, making great money and a wonderful life. I personally feel psychedelics changed my life for the better. But I am only one sample. With mind altering drug a person need to have a level of discipline. Just like good trips are great, so are the bad ones. I specially learn more from the bad experience since you need to understand that is your mind telling you what is wrong with you being. The trick is to embrace what they give you thus embracing life overall no matter what comes at you. Feeding the right ying yang.

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