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We have a teacher on our school. Everyone else hates him, or at the very most just don't like him. He's incredibly knowledgeable in his field, but is just plainly horrible when it comes to the human aspect of teaching and he seems to always be in a foul mood. He's been caught breaking the school rules a number of times and a friend of mine, after walking past him reading his e-mail, said that his inbox was full of complaints. I have however seen him smile, and tried to crack a joke or two, but no-one seem to care. After I've heard how his life had been fucked over my heart sunk and I feel really bad for the guy. I suspect he might just be really sad, and I just wish to give him a hug and maybe brighten his day. But I'm scared, not just of the others, a few select knows I think they are rude, but mostly of being wrong, and finding out that he is just an a*s.. I just can't bear listening to the others talk sh*t about him. I want to scream at them, but then again, I don't want to paint him in a "condescending light".

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  • Be the student. Be the one to go up to him (in private) and thank him for his efforts, and have a talk with him on how to improve his lessons. My teachers have asked me a few times on how they should improve their lessons. Take the initiative. Don't do it in a way like "You suck at teaching." Do it in the "Your teaching is a little unclear. Could you use some examples?" type.

  • Atleast you know whats up with him. You will get your chance. my teacher was horrible too, she was mostly angry but could also be a very nice person, i always tried to tell her to relax, to not make too much effort to be "the best" (she had 2 other jobs btw and did work for other teachers) but she didnt. Atleast i tried not to be so rude. But one ive got mad and yelld at her that she has to calm her t*ts, instead of telling us how bad we are.

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