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I think I have a crush on someone with down syndrome. I'm afraid to confess it though, because I don't now how my parents or friends will react. I really struggle with it for a while now..

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  • Don't care what others say. It's your life. You're not afraid to confess, you're not sure if the "crush" you have on the person would turn into something more.

  • this proves how fucked up society makes us.. it's sad that you came to struggle with this because of things people might say... fuck them all... tell the girl/boy what you feel and don't let others dictate your life indirectly... if you let them think that you being happy may be wrong they don't deserve you in their lifes. Both of you could be happy. Please do whatever would make YOU happy... not what other people think it's acceptable.. I'm kind of high so sorry for this long ass reply.

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