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Church is 7 hours and 3 times a week. Children there are indoctrinated. It's stupid. The only reason my mum wants me to go to church is because of her reputation with the stupid people there. Legally owning me doesn't make it right to force me into things. She uses her culture and the fact that she's my parent as an excuse to control my life. 'I pay the bills, you do as I say', 'I carried you for 9 months and yet you make life a living hell for me by not doing as I say', 'you disgrace me, everyone thinks I'm a rubbish mother because you are spoilt because you won't go to church', 'you ruined my life, you are such a wicked child! You don't care about me'. Delusional parent who thinks her child not attending something stupid is gonna ruin her own life. 'You should feel guilty! Blah blah blah happened because of you not going to church! You are such a selfish child!'. You're making such a big deal out of nothing. Church is a chore. You only want me to go for your own gain, that is selfish. By forcing me, you're just making me run the other way. As soon as I have the money and plan set out, I'm out the door and not looking back.

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  • you do not have to go to the church. save all the money as you can, and then, go out, do not look back in anger... fly as a free soul!

  • So move out, pay your own bills, and convert to atheism, or pastafarianism, or Wicca, or whatever else strikes your fancy.

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