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I can imagine marrying my boyfriend and having a family with him, but a part of me says I should be out chasing other guys because I'm 22 and the thought of never being with someone else ever again scares me.

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  • Once you "take a break" or break up you will miss the safety of a relationship and continue to cycle through hordes of guys, but you will never find what you had. Nevertheless this part of you will always be teasing you. It will never disappear nor will it diminish. It might occour that you stop thinking about it for a few days or even weeks but that part will return and you know you already "checked out" mentally.

  • I had the same idea, I had been together with my boyfriend for almost two years, and I missed the exitement of other guys. So I broke it off (he did have some bad qualities that needed to change though). Now, it's been almost 5 months, and I'm still not happy eventhough he moved on after almost 2 months... My advice, don't do it.

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