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My father died 8 years ago from diabetes, his kidneys didn't work anymore, he couldn't walk, he couldn't see, the last thing i did for him was help him go to the bathroom. when i came back for him he said close your eyes i don't want you to see me like this... The next day he died in his sleep, and everyday i feel guilty because i knew something was wrong and i didn't say anything.. but he was in so much pain and i just wanted it to end..

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  • Everybody saw the end coming. Even him. You have nothing to feel guilty about

  • You did the right thing. I would have happened sooner or later. Why it was you who had to deal with the situation i don't know and i think u're better not to ask(no clear answer, you see) but it happened so now it;s time to deal with it. if he had the courage to accept what happened to him so do you. much love

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