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I'm afraid of women. I was bullied by this group of girls during highschool. They were worse than the guy bullies, because guys would bully in a physical way (pushing, punching, hiding my things, etc) but these girls were psychological bullies. I told teachers and even the principal, but they would only say "they're girls, just having fun". The day of our graduation they showed up on my front door, threw eggs and flour all over me, so I couldn't attend the cerimony. I called in the cops, because that was an assault, but they also said "they're just girls having fun, let it go" (I'm pretty positive that if a group of 4 guys would show up at a girl's house and bully her, they would spend at least one night in the police station). The girlfriend I had cheated on me and kept teasing me about it. And my first boss was a bitch of a woman who would assault me morally. Now I think every woman out there is hell bent to make my life miserable.

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  • You probably should have kept evidence and threatened to bring a lawsuit against all of them and your school for doing nothing. Police reports, restraining orders, phone records, photographic evidence, emails, etc did you have any of it?

  • If I were you, I would move far away for a new start with people who don't know you or your past, and seek private counseling sessions to help the process of reintroducing you to a better life.

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