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I'm a girl, a cold one.. Actually i'm not a bad person or a bitch. But everybody thinks like that because of my cold appearance. I don't judge people by which brand they wear, how ugly their boy/girlfriends. I just have one friend and nobody wants to be friend with me.. If my friend doesn't come to school, i always have to hang with boys because they are nicer then girls.. And girls think i'm a bit*h.. I mean i just want to say, not every cold person is bad person. Because of the idea 'avoid from cold people' i'm so lonely.. Note: I never had a boyfriend before..

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  • I never had any REAL friends growing up, I thought I did but I didn't. I was shy and insecure and a bit of a nerd, I loved learning and had great grades which came very easily to me, I've always been a kind person, stood up for those being bullied, made friends with the non-white kids when they came to our school (until they got popular and ditched me lol), I never judged based on grades, clothes, religion, colour of skin, disabilities, etc. I was severely bullied through out elementary and high school, I'm 30 now and I JUST found out a few years ago that most of the people I went to school with thought I was stuck up and full of myself when really I was shy and insecure, some were angry because I was good in school when they were not, and some of the girls hated me because apparently some of the popular guys had an interest in me, some of the guys were mean to me because they liked me but thought I thought I was too good for them. . . The majority of people suck and project their own insecurities and issues on to others. It's annoying and hard to deal with but it's not you at all, it's them.

  • I can be your friend, if you want. I actually don't give a f*ck what people call the others. Message me if you want: slicer.dark (at) gmail (dot) com

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