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I hate when people are complaining about their period because men go through worse hormones every month it's just that men can handle it better

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  • well seeing how no-one listens to logic, science or reason I'll just speak my mind men can handle hormones better than women and their hormones are worse also most women "need" thousands of dollars of special stuff to help there problems this isn't even about the original post I'm just going to say why I'm ashamed to be a women the majority of women try to manipulate men and dress like sluts now before you mindlessly down vote I regretfully must say I am a woman I wear tampons I have my period just like the rest of you and I think that men are better not because I'm biased but think logically men approach thing using there head not thier emotions I'm not talking about that 17 year old who dumped you I'm talking about grown men they only show emotions of love and thier love means more cause they rarely show it so when they do they mean it and to not clog the comments with more posts I'll end it here and remember not everyone's like this just the majority who tarnished what being a woman is about I have more but this is all for now

  • why on earth everything has to be some kind of competition between women and men.. i dont get it..

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