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I had this guy who lives 30 minutes away invite me to hang out tonight. I took a chance. I got there, we made out, got to 3rd base and I told him I didn't want to have sex. He then got frigid and when we finished he drove me back to my car and and acted very stiffly. I got home and realized I left my phone in his car, so I messaged him about it and he said he left it in the road where he dropped me off. I asked of he was joking and he wasnt! He said he didnt care about me or my property and told me it was my responsibility to get it. Sure enough about 30 minutes later I get to where we met up and its lying on the fucking pavement. He was such a dick. He said he never wanted to see me again. All because I wouldnt fuck him. Im literally done trying to date men online. I cannot take another ounce of bullshit.

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  • Some men are jerks. Like that dude. Don`t lose hope in all men because of some bad apples.

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