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In a month I'll turn 20 and I just want to lock me up in my room and lay on the bed for this whole day. When my father asked me if I was going to throw a party, I just said that I didn't know yet. But the truth is that I was so close bursting into tears, I had to cut it short. I have friends, but they aren't friends among themselves, and anytime they randomly meet, they are so fake to each other, just pretending to like the other and afterwards judging... And then I feel like they only want to hang out when they need something from me, and they know that I would do everything to make them feel better because I am a loyal person... but vice versa ? never ever ever going to happen 😣 Sooo... I will stay in my room and regret this so much afterwards, but I don't have the strength anymore. So hard to explain 😪

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  • am younger than you , but i feel the same thing like you :(

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