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It feels awkward to act in front of my bestfriend now. After we had a fight, because of her and her boyfriend. She admitted she's insecure of me and that she's jealous because her bf has become a close friend to me too. She said she is so insecure but she doesn't mind it because she said she loves me. It was my 18th birthday when she said that in a video that she made for me. She has bee really a great friend to me, but after my bday, she told his bf to stay away from me and not talk to me. I understand it. One time, his bf talked to me on fb and tried to ask for my help coz he doesn't understand so i tried to talk to him, thinking that she wouldn't get mad and she'll be able to see our convo anyway. But she got mad. When I asked her, she denied it, she said that the jealousy thing is already gone. So I believed her. But I got tired of it already. I got pissed. Not just because I couldn't talk to my friend (her bf) anymore but also because I hate her for doubting me, and for not trusting me. Everytime her bf and I talk she would get mad so I decided to stay away from them. She broke my trust and she became a stranger to me. I never talked to any of them again and I tried going with another group. She cried and said sorry. I accepted it coz I love her and she's still a bff to me. But she changed. Really changed. Before, she would never insult me in any way, but then now, she would everytime she'd have a chance. She also learned how to cuss, which is a shock to me coz she doesn't want that before. But maybe she got it from me too, coz I cuss a lot. Anyway, she changed. Her attitude is far from who I have met before. She has changed. And now, her bf and I does not talk much anymore coz everytime we'll time she'll get mad. She is sooo possessive of him that even when he and I just accidentally bumped to each other and decided to go to class coz we're classmates she'd get mad. Which is really sooo silly and fucked up. I don't know her anymore. Idk what happened to her but tbh idk how to act towards her anymore. Maybe that's just what happens when trust is already broken. I can feel that we're both trying to bring back the old us, but she's so annoying already. She would copy my attitude, the lines I always say and even the fucking theme of my fucking phone. I dont know if I should try to bring back the old us or just let her and be with thr group I newly became friends with.

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  • People come and go in this life, an hour, a day, a year. With time, people change too. Keep the ones worth keeping

  • I started reading but halfway got hungry and went for a snack. Sorry, my comment isn't useful at all

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