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I am considering offing myself but I know I won't do it, and I feel bad even wanting to talk to someone because I feel like it's just a cry for attention but I don't see any other options I can't find love I can't find friends and I can't seem to be happier than 5 minutes

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  • I know how you feel, try not to think too much about the future when you're upset. I feel that helps, rather just focus on caring for your needs in that moment.

  • I know it sounds cheesy, but counseling may help. I'm 31, have three kids and a husband. I survived a suicide attempt 11 years ago due to depression, and while I have come a very long way and had survived the past eleven years, I never knew how to actually deal with depression in a healthier way until I started going to counseling earlier this year. It saved my marriage, is helping me be a better mom, and has helped so much with just how I feel on a day to day level. I have been going for 5 months now.

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