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I dont understand why people feel the need to cheat on their significant other. I dont care if youre drunk, or the temptation is too strong or what ever the fuck ... just dont do that. If your partner treats you like shit, then leave them. If monogamy is not for you/if you want an open relationship, then make that clear before you begin a relationship. Cheating is such a shit move that damages a persons trust and their outlook on so many things. Don't cheat. Just don't do it. Control yourself.

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  • my girl was pregnant. I was getting nothing. then I scored with 2 female friends that know my situation and they love the fact I can fuck the shit out of them. my girl and I still don't have the spark like we did before she got pregnant.i tried trust.im young. I'm I suppose to let this good D go to waste

  • Yeah, I also wonder how old you are?

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