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When I was a primary school student, I was really naughty. One day, my classmate sat next to me was punished by the teacher and he needed to stand up for a lesson. Suddently, he said to me that he wanted to go to the washroom so badly, so I just tried my very best tk pursuade him to pee on the spot, telling him that going to the washroom needed much time, he would be severely punished by the teacher again if he asked for toilet, and many more like these. But he said no to me and kept standing with that twisted funny facial expression. A few minutes later, some yellow fluid appears on the ground. The teacher was so shocked and asked what the disgusting yellow fluid was. My classmate's face blushed and told the teacher that he had peed, and the whole class laughed at him so hard, even after we have graduated for so many years. Tbh, till now, I still feel so sorry for him, but I can't help laughing whenever I think of it.

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