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Do you think a relationship between two people one from Australia and the other in Europe can work? we are gonna meet in December but after that we are bound to be seperated for another half a year or even more. There is nothing l'd want more than to be with him, but we can't see each other that often so l've got some doubts. l'd appreciate it If anyone has any similar experiences or thoughts about this.

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  • It really depends on the persons. I'm tempted to say that love will win it from distance, but it doesn't always work like that. I had a long distance relationship before. It didn't work out, because my girlfriend had trust issues and she simply couldn't check what I was doing here. We tried it about 10 different times, as we really loved each other, but it always ended up the same. I'm pretty sure that if it wouldn't have been for the trust issues, it would've worked out. I'm sure that it can work out, but there are some extra obstacles that could be fatal for a LDR, that wouldn't be for a 'normal' relationship. I wish the both of you lots of happiness together!

  • From experience, my long-distance relationships didn`t work out because, in my case, it`s out of sight, out of mind. Texting and chatting online wasn`t enough for me. I wanted someone close to me, that I can actually see and hear and feel. Also, being long-distance, I found myself more susceptible to flirting and casual flings, which took away from the charm of the relationship. I`m not saying your long-distance relationship won`t work because mines didn`t. I`m just saying that, depending on your partner, you might want to keep your head clear and accept the possibility that it won`t work..

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