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Whenever I mention to my friends that I'm still a virgin, they come across as shocked. I often hear; "How?", "You've had a lot of girlfriends!" or "Duuuude, she was really hot, WHY!?!". Well, I'm abstinent. Now, that doesn't mean that I'm in religion, and that certainly doesn't mean that it's a thing that everyone should do. I just wanna have my first with a woman that I love with and married to. I've wanted it to lose it this way since I learned about sex. To me, it's a very special thing to not just give away, just 'cause I feel horny. At most I've done some heavy petting and helped a girl to... you know, with my hands. In which, I want to make clear. She wouldn't give up on me until I at least did that. So to any person who wants to save it for someone special, save yourself. And for the people who think they're ready? Go nuts! Just try to understand the feelings of the other party and not just yourself.

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  • I didn't wait till I was married. I waited till I was with someone I knew I never wanted to live without. I was 18. we have been together scince 2004, married scince 2008.

  • Really im a girl and i lost mine at 10 lol

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