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I wrote here some time ago about those 7 rapists that raped a girl and then proceeded to drag her in the dirt on facebook. Today, the judges decided 8 years of prison for each rapist. Their parents and a butt-load of friends took to the streets and asked for the girl to be imprisoned also because getting in the car with one of the rapists means she was also guilty of rape and should pay for it. Apparently, her "asking for it" destroyed the lives of 7 otherwise perfectly adapted human beings. An entire village blames the girl for the rape and hails the rapists as good guys that did a mistake. They did a mistake for several hours, against her will. I`m sorry I`m not brave enough or crazy enough to go after them and chop off their penises, after I make them rape their own mothers. Because it was the mothers of the boys that started the smear-campaign of the girl. Stupid, ignorant and mean parents make rapists. Plain and simple.

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  • Sounds like the Judge knew what was up and didn't give in to the mob. Good on him! So many stories of corrupt judges every day

  • You are so right.

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